JUMPING BACK SLASH: Kwaai Sneakers // Granadilla Lolly 12″

May 6, 2011One Comment

There’s been a lot of talk about this record. It’s been a long time coming, in fact, it’s the reason we signed Jumping Back Slash in the first place. A chance click during a late night soundcloud session landed us on a two demos, Kwaai Sneakers and Granadilla Lolly. Two tracks that were kept on repeat for hours until the sandman stole our speakers. JBS became a close ally and the release was confirmed…there was one thing he neglected to mention when we first met though which was that he’s a beat addict and churns out a track a day from his studio next to the SA Astronomical Research Telescope in Cape Town…which is how he quickly became side-tracked by writing last year’s much lauded ‘Ibhithi’ release. Off the back of that, however, he gained support across the globe from the likes of Dubbel Dutch, Mosca, Bok Bok & the Night Slugs crew to Rinse FM’s Alex Nut and Radio One’s Benji B & more. Even DJ Mag rated him as ‘one to watch’ in 2011…

JBS’s new double-sided 12” release features the hypnotic charm of Kwaai Sneakers, a deep, dark banger that satisfies the body and mind in one powerful fix, causing even the shyest of dancers to make moves a tree snake would be jealous of.

Kwaai Sneakers – BUZZ002 Preview 12″ Out 30th May on Pollinate Records by Jumping Back Slash

Side B is a hybrid of digi-dancehall, kwaito and smattering of electro called Granadilla Lolly, a screaming beast of a club track with the most uplifting vocal chorus sung by a tribe of chipmunks and a synth line that’ll shock the dancefloor all summer long. Overall it’s these are two tracks that take Kwaito House to another level and Jumping Back Slash to the forefront of the scene.

Granadilla Lolly – BUZZ002 Preview 12″ Out 30th May on Pollinate Records by Jumping Back Slash

BUZZ002 comes out on 12″ vinyl (our first vinyl!) in all good record shops on May 30th 2011. If you don’t like vinyl anymore then you’ll have to wait until June 13th for downloadable alternatives.


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